At Woodland Heights Baptist Church, the experience of music is central to the worship of God.  The church has a much-appreciated vocal and instrumental tradition.  Sunday services regularly include an anthem by the Sanctuary Choir, with occasional participation by soloists or one of the children’s choirs. Musical accompaniment typically includes the piano and pipe organ, but a wide range of other instruments may be used as well.

Woodland Heights currently has three active choirs.  These include the Preschool Choir, the Children’s Choir, and the Adult Sanctuary Choir.  The Preschool and Children’s Choirs practice on Wednesday nights at 6:30 P.M. from October through May.  The Preschool Choir consists of children ages 3 through Kindergarten, and the Children’s Choir includes First through Sixth graders.  Both choirs perform special programs in the spring and at Christmas time.   The Adult Sanctuary Choir rehearses on Wednesday nights at 7:30 P.M. and sings regularly during worship services.

We’re always happy to welcome new choir members of all ages!  We invite you to explore the current Highlights newsletter for further information on rehearsal times and performances.


An Historical Note about the Pipe Organ

Guests often comment upon the quality of the pipe organ and inquire about its history.  The instrument was originally built in 1926 by Anton Gottfried & Company of Erie, Pennsylvania.  It consisted of eleven ranks of pipes over two manuals and pedal.  Additions were made to the organ in 1951 and the console was replaced in 1960.  New stops were placed onto the original Gottfried chests in 1967.  The organ was releathered in 1973 and the console was completely rebuilt in 1990.  The church later decided to replace the original Gottfried action with new manual chests featuring electric action.  The new chest allowed space in the chambers for the addition of the prepared stops, resulting in the current 17 register/19 rank configuration.

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