Our History

Woodland Heights Baptist Church has been present from the beginnings of her community.  The church’s origins can be traced to 1908, when a Baptist Sunday School first organized in Forest Hill.  A small frame building was soon completed and in April 1910, Woodland Heights Baptist Church was born!  The congregation continued to grow and a larger building was finished in 1917.  Just a few years later, church leaders made plans for a lovely new sanctuary with distinct features.  That structure was completed in 1927 and continues to be used today.  Worship takes place in an atmosphere of reverence and historic beauty that proclaims the glory of God.

Across the years, the church has been characterized by its keen sense of fellowship, strong commitment to mission and an ethic of service that still prevails.  Woodland Heights has birthed three local congregations and is grandparent to a fourth.  The church’s enduring faith and ministry has been a significant part of Baptist witness in the Richmond area.

The 2010 Centennial celebrated the rich heritage of the church and developed plans for her future.  Through its Second Century initiative, the church is focused upon community missions and ministries.  Working closely with the Woodland Heights Civic Association, the Patrick Henry School for Science and Arts, and other partners, the congregation seeks to provide spiritual and physical resources to a diverse and vibrant neighborhood.  The weekly Food Closet ministry is generously supported by members and community associates and continues to introduce new friends to the church.  The summer Vacation Bible School program and other seasonal events complement the church’s regular practices of worship and spriritual development.  Woodland Heights Baptist Church stands upon a great tradition as she continues to minister and serve.

Our address:
611 West 31st Street
Richmond, Virginia 23225

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