Church Endowment Information

In 2010, Woodland Heights Baptist Church (WHBC) celebrated its 100 year anniversary. As it planned to mark that occasion, the church recognized the need to establish an Endowment fund as a way to ensure that we could continue to serve our community and grow as we entered our next century.

The fund was established with a goal to support the outreach programs of the church, both on-campus programs and those that occur outside of the church community. Support provided to the WHBC Food Closet that helps feed needy families in our surrounding area, and funding for the WHBC Woman’s Missionary Union, which supports mission programs nationally and globally, are two examples where the fund has been used to provide financial support since its inception.

The fund is primarily managed by the Virginia Baptist Foundation (VBF). They were chosen because of their vast experience in working with churches, and their ability to establish an investment portfolio that is free of companies that engage in business contrary to Baptist principles. The VBF also provides investment advice to churches, and estate planning advice to its members.

The fund is overseen by a seven member church committee that includes the Pastor and the Church Treasurer. Each at-large member serves a 5 year term, so new members are coming on the committee each year.

The fund is supported by gifts to the church from members and friends of WHBC, either specified directly to the Endowment Fund or as undesignated gifts as approved by the church. Methods of giving include, but are not limited to: Bequest by wills, Securities, Cash, Real estate, Insurance policies, and Memorials.

If you are interested in learning more about the WHBC Endowment program, or would like to make a donation directly to the fund, please feel free to call the church office at 804-233-2222.

For more information visit the Virginia Baptist Foundation website.

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